Customer Satisfaction at Coachella Valley Brewing!

“IDD recently upgraded our malt mill hopper and it works brilliantly, the same with a redesigned grist hydrator. Jeff and IDD have been really good about upgrading as needed whenever Jeff Gunn found any improvement was needed for the HEBS design and or functionality. 
We have brewed just over 2000 barrels in our first year of production using the HEBS. We hope to triple that production in 2015. We are thankful to be seeing significant returns on our HEBS investment in lessened water usage, hop and malt costs as well as lowered utility bills relative to the shorter brewdays and the labor savings. Of course these are of great importance for a startup hoping to quickly get to a level of profitability. “
Thanks IDD, 
Cheers, Chris Anderson 

Chief Operating Officer/Head Brewer 
Coachella Valley Brewing Company
30640 Gunther Street, Thousand Palms, Ca., 92276
(760) 974-6065 
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