“HEBS Mash Out Procedure”

HEBS Suggested Mash Out Procedure


The following procedure is suggested as the basis for the transfer of mash from the mash mixer to the mash filter.


Set the mash filter closure pressure to 3,500 PSIG.


Using a nominal 1,200 liters (10 Hl HEBS), or 2,400 liters (20 Hl HEBS), of total strike liquor for a “full load mash out” (all chambers activated on the mash filter) with a 20% sparge, start by priming the line between the mash pump and the mash filter via the mash filter bypass valve. When the mash is ready for transfer, start by opening the mash filter inlet valve and the top outlet valve and then start the mash pump operating at a speed of approximately 2 to 3 pulses per second. Once the pump slows crack open the bottom outlet valve farthest from the inlet to allow for more constant filling into the right hand side of the filter. Then, gradually open the other lower outlet valve once the mash volume is in the mash vessel is approximately at a quarter of the mash volume.


At no time during a normal transfer of mash should it be necessary to exceed 60 PSIG air pressure onto the mash transfer pump


Vorlaufing (recirculating) for improving clarity is optional prior to transfer of wort to the kettle.


95% extract with a step mash profile and a little less with straight single mash infusion is typical.



JWG/jg 1/2016

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