“HEBS Suggested Kettle Boil”

HEBS Suggested Kettle Boil

A 45 minute boil is suggested (>12.5% evaporation) for DMS and other volatiles removal. If polyphenol reduction is necessary then >60 minutes is suggested. Gravities will typically range from 10 Plato (1.040 SG) to 19 Plato (1.079 SG), depending on the core brand being brewed. Up to 25 Plato (1.106 SG) can be achieved. For the lower Plato (SG) “session” beers, we suggest utilizing a “full load mash out” (all chambers activated on the mash filter), so that the higher gravity wort can be “cut back” in the whirlpool to achieve the lower Plato (SG) level required and a higher volume wort knockout.

Once “dialed in” a half degree Plato (0.002 SG) high/low variance is easily attainable from batch to batch when brewing multiple batches.


The HEBS kettles have a boil over alarm and shut off but boil overs can and do occur if not controlled.

We recommend that when the manway is open and a boil is in progress that the brewer NEVER stands with their back to the kettle especially after doing hop additions.

JWG/jg 1/2016

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