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  1. Brittanie Franco says:

    The HEBS (High Efficiency Brewing System) manufactured as of the month of January 2016 are in alphabetical order as follows;

    Braman Brewing Company
    Calvert Brewing Company
    Charleston Brewing Company
    Coachella Brewing Company
    Craft Brew Alliance
    Craftworks Brewing Company
    Crux Fermentation Project
    Gilgamesh Brewing Company
    Kindred Spirit Brewing Company
    Kiitos Brewing Company
    Legal Draft Beer Company
    Reformation Brewing Company
    Rocks Brewing Company
    Southern Capital Limited
    Tin Man Brewing Company (Prototype)
    Young Henry’s Brewing Company

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ll kick this thing off. Any interesting brews over the past months, based upon the HEBS capabilities?

    • Brittanie says:

      You need to contact Scottie at Rock Brewing – He did a 90% wheat with mix of rye, oats and corn making up the final 10%

      • Scotty says:

        Yes mate, did a 100% wheat porter, a 90% (remainder oats/corn/rye) apricot wit and a Quad IPA/Barley Wine that was 780kg of malt (more than the 600kg possible in the bin).

        All worked a treat with 93-95% efficiency.

  3. Jeff Gunn says:

    I’m confident in saying that HEBS is the most user friendly, flexible and efficient system ever designed for the craft brewing industry.

    The growing community of brewers that use HEBS are suggesting improvements that we are adding to the their new and previously supplied systems. Upgrades to date are:
    * Wort dip tube and coolin column for the hydrometer
    * Movable desk
    * Mash filter recirculation line and sightglass
    * High gravity brew hot water meter addition to the whirlpool
    * Hot and cold process water additions to the CIP manifold
    * HLT tank recirculation line
    * Modified mash filter cloths with impervious sleeves
    * Hop Back connection loop
    * Mash mixer stripping column and condenser option for distillers
    * Numerous software improvements to recipe pages, operating screens and multiple brew operating page

  4. We recently ran a 39 Plato SG Russian Imperial Stout AKA Black Widow. It’s currently laying down in Four Roses barrels for a 6 month slumber. We ran 1500 liters of water to 1500 pounds of malt to yield a 17% abv monster.
    We also recently ran 240 pounds of assorted grapefruit purée through the HEBS mash filter to create Harvester our grapefruit infused imperial IPA.
    Currently running 2550 liters and using 500 ml beta glucanase in the mash with great results. We have yielded 38 bbl batches off of a concentrated wort thinned with sterile water.

    • Jeff Gunn says:

      Based upon what you and Scotty at Rocks Brewing are doing with these really big beers we need to increase the size of the grist case.

      Chris/Scotty – What size do you suggest we increase it to?

      • Jeff says:

        Please save me some of that Black Widow! 240 lb of grapefruit, that’s insanely good stuff.

      • Chris Anderson says:

        Jeff, I would say if you can build a grist case to hold a max. of 1600 pounds that is the largest grist load we have ever run which is for Black Widow.
        Chris Anderson,

        • Jeff Gunn says:

          Chris – The “Mark 2″ version of the 20 Hl HEBS now has a 71 cubic foot capacity. Dry, fine grind grist at 34 pound/cubic foot equates to a gross capacity of over 2,400 pounds and a net of 2,000 pounds.

  5. Jeff Gunn says:

    The first 20 Hl HEBS shipped this week to Craftworks Brewing Company in South Korea. Craftworks will also be the first to have the “double” HEBS in January 2015 – That has the potential of doing a brew every hour.

  6. Thanks to IDD for continually making improvements and new innovations to the HEBS. We are happy to announce that we are now yielding 40 bbls off of double brews of our 10.5 Plato beers. We ran a Belgian Wit today with 65% Unmalted Wheat and achieved an amazing conversion & 95 % efficiency by employing a protein and acid rest prior to our sacharafication rest. This GW Unmalted wheat costs around 10 bucks per 50 pounds for our super sack this is a no brainer.

    • Jeff Gunn says:

      Love to hear it Chris – Try and do that on a standard wedge wire lautertun! I’m always eager to hear about the use of grains other than the highly modified two row malts that everyone uses nowadays. The Gluten Free Beer (GFB) market is also expanding and HEBS is showing the way to make GFB’s really viable. When is one of you going to use that nice fat grain six row barley that OSU had available last year?

    • Scotty says:

      Yep, the Beta Glucanase has helped a heap here and reduced the load on the sheets left over after grain discharge.

  7. Brian Mercer says:

    Really looking forward to receiving our HEBS. Just love hearing about your experience. More photos!

  8. Jeff Gunn says:

    We’ve started offering a 10Hl “manually” operated type HEBS brew house, (calling it MEBS). No big panel with HMI – just manual valves and starter panel like most of the 2 vessel “standard” brew house systems. This still gets a the efficiencies of HEBS at a slightly slower rate. Getting lots of requests from the many small craft brewers and brewpub owners who want to use a mash filter brew house but want a lower cost. Newsletter to update the world when we get time!

  9. Jeff Gunn says:

    Just got back from Sydney after starting up the Young Henry’s Brewing Company 20 Hl HEBS and visiting Rocks Brewing Company to do some upgrades to their 20 Hl HEBS

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks to everyone at CVB and IDD this past week for all the hospitality. Everyone here in Richmond is psyched about our new HEBS system. We look forward to working with everyone in the future, cheers!


    • Jeff Gunn says:

      Hi Jeff – It was great having Chris and Ryan at CVBC host and show you the way they run their HEBS and we look forward to shipping your Braman Brewery system to Texas this next week.

      I was also pleased to meet Tom Markel one of the founders of Storz Brewing Company out of Omaha, Nebraska when he and his consultant Graydon paid a visit during the same week to CVBC.

  11. Jeff Gunn says:

    Another great news day – Rob Titley (Craftworks Brewmaster – Seoul S. Korea) who was also at CVBC last week brewing with Chris, Ryan and Jeff said that his HEBS had just arrived in S. Korea. Rob will be up and running this fall and will be the first to have the “double” HEBS (to be delivered in early 2015) so that they can do a brew every hour to meet the projected demands for craft beer in S. Korea.

  12. Scotty says:

    Hiya Fellas

    Just a heads up, we have had lots of beta glucanase issues with local ale malt.

    We are adding Laminex BG and had a 50C step in place. The malt is at the top of the threshold, and apparently is due to late season rains.

    Anyways, the BG clogs up the sheets and is a pain to clean. In the last 5 batches we have added a 40c step in on the recommendation of another brewer, this has worked a treat. The BG is now down to a visible ‘zero’ and performing way better.

    We are also getting brighter worts with the vorlauf added into our kits and getting 25-30 min transfer.

    Last, we have been cleaning with a multi-enzyme product and leaving in the press (a weak caustic/enzyme mix) which has been helping a heap with attached protein soil. We are still in the depths of a Sydeny Winter (i had to wear long pants one day this year), but the post-weekend pong is definitely diminished.

    Jeff – wondering about supplying in on new systems a few extra sheets. We only have enough sheets for the press, would be good to have a few spares to change-out and clean, am getting some crap on the top and bottoms of the sheets outside of the press.



  13. Pat Apps says:

    Reformation Brewery in Woodstock GA is pumping out some great beers on their HEBS system! I sampled Cadence, Union and Stark and all were excellent. I will be back to sample some of the higher end offerings when I am not the one driving home!!!!

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