IDD Process and Packaging, Inc. is a leading supplier of keg processing machines, flash pasteurizers, brewhouses and other custom process and packaging systems to the world’s brewing and beverage industries.   IDD brings over 200 years of combined experience into designing, manufacturing and distributing equipment from our factory and headquarters in Moorpark, California. 


Semi/Fully Automatic Sankey Keg Washing, Sanitizing, and Filling Systems.

PurePass Flash Pasteurization Systems

Deaeration, Blending and Carbonation Systems

Brewhouses and HEBS (High Efficiency Brewing Systems)

Tanks and Control Systems

Cleaning In Place (CIP) Systems

Yeast Storage and Propagation Systems

Grain Handling Solutions

Transfer and Scavenge Pumps


Project Management

Design Scope & Engineering Studies

Engineering Audits

Equipment Appraisals

We've been providing equipment and services to the brewing and beverage industries for over 25 years.  Get in touch and let us know how we can help you make your next move.