Super King Series: Automatic Keg Washing and Filling Lines


It all started when...

The Super King Series goes beyond most craft producers' notion of a keg machine.  Super Kings are fully automatic keg processing lines.  The wash, sterilize, and fill steps are divided up into a number of process heads in a single lane.  The more heads, the shorter each individual process time, and the faster the sequence.  The smaller Super King 3 will put out a washed, sanitized, and filled keg approximately every minute.  All models of the Super King can be outfitted with Oxine sanitizer or steam, as well as a caustic/acid double detergent cycle.  These options allow packagers with a wide range of demands to achieve tight control over their packaging operations.

Super King 3

Keg Washing, Sanitizing, and Filling

Oxine or Steam Sequence

60 Kegs per Hour

Super King 5

Keg Washing and Sanitizing

Oxine or Steam Sequence

30-40 Kegs per Hour