Commonly Used Spare Parts

We are proud to offer spare parts for your IDD equipment. Below is some quick information on the commonly used parts* for the Squire & MiniKing Series. Most of these items are stocked on the shelf for quick processing and shipping. Orders can be placed via phone, email, or Request Form.

*All parts for each of our systems are not shown. Please contact us for any IDD parts not shown on this page.

CV1400 - Machine Leveling Foot

EL1200 - IR Probe Liquid Sensor

EL1275 - Spear Switch, MiniKing (Nason Cylinder Only)

MI 13239 - Connection Head Guide Bushing (MiniKing)


MI 28006 - Connection Head Bushing (MiniKIng)

MO 28007 - Head Seal (MiniKing)

MO 35180 - Spear Adapter, 'D' Type (American Sankey)

MD 35417 - Modified 'D' Series Wash/Fill Coupler, DSI (American Sankey)


MD 35417RK1 - Coupler Seal Kit, "D" Type (American Sankey)

MD 35417RK3 - Coupler Hosebarb Assembly

PF1600 - TC Clamp,1/2" & 3/4"

PN1059 - 1/8”NPT Regulator, 60psig


PN1159 - Clippard Solenoid Valve, 3 Way 24V

PN1213 - Shuttle Valve,1/8"NPT

PN2 CYLS 63010 - Nason Spear Cylinder (MiniKing)

PN2 CYLS 63011 - Nason Lift Cylinder (MiniKing)


PU0067 - Boost Pump, AMPCO (Filling Side)

PU0067RK - Seal Kit, AMPCO Pump

(Kit Includes: Case Gasket, SC Seal, O-ring Seal)

PU0222 - Wash Pump, Gould

PU0300 - Seal Kit, NPE-NPO Wash Pump


SL0153 - Quad O-Ring, Connection Head (MiniKing)

SL0200 - TC Seal, 3/4" EPDM

SS0201 - Brew Hose, 1/2" ID (Standard Size: 5ft./hose)

SS0202 - Tygon Hose, 1/2” ID (Standard Size: 5ft./hose)


SL0602 - 3/8"PTFE Sealing Nut, (For IR Probe)

TF0309 - Squire Heater, 2" NPT

TF0314 - Heater Thermostat

TF0400 - Tank Dosing Unit, Complete


TF0402S - Inline Injector, 1/2"NPT

TF0405 - Proportioner Body

TF0406 - Metering Tips Kit 1/4" (For Inline Injector & Tank Dosing Unit)

TF0442 - Inlet Barb


TF0466 - Float

TF0490 - Body Valve

VA0165 - Process Valve, Normally Closed 3/4"TC

VA0166 - Low Flow Valve, Normally Opened 3/4"TC


VA0167 - Seal Kit for VA0165/66

VA1701 - 3/4”NPT Pinch Valve (Filling Side)

WA0117 - Handle Assembly, DSI (Modified Coupler)


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