(High Efficiency Brewing System)

After serving the brewing industry for years and watching craft brewers spend long days getting two brews out of their 2-vessel systems, we knew there had to be a better way.  After twenty years of service to brewers large and small, IDD called on all of its industrial experience to design the High Efficiency Brewing System, or HEBS.  At its core, the HEBS utilizes a specially designed mash filter to improve efficiency and brewing material options. Serious craft brewers can achieve up to 12 brews in 24 hours with higher extracts and lower water and raw material usage.  Macro brewers have had access to mash filter technology for years -- we decided it was past time to bring it to the craft brewing market.

To maximize the benefits of the mash filter, we've integrated it into a semi-automated four vessel brewhouse.  The mash mixer, hot liquor tank, boil kettle, and whirlpool are woven seamlessly together through HMI control to provide a state-of-the-art brewhouse at the craft brewing scale.  Once in the full production swing, a 20 hL HEBS can knock out a batch of beer every two hours due to the mash filter's high speed operation.  The filter is so fast, in fact, that it can fit another set of brewhouse tanks into the production sequence as an expansion.  This Double HEBS will knock out a 20 hL batch of beer every hour.


In addition to the increases in speed and consistency, the mash filter also allows brewers to experiment with ingredients and styles unattainable on a lauter tun system.  The sticky, viscous mashes in wheat or rice beers are no problem for a mash filter's high pressure separation, which extracts so much wort from the grains that they form a solid cake.  Upon finishing, the grain cakes fall neatly onto our integrated conveyor and are carried right into your spent grain receptacle. 

Even with its advanced features, though, we've kept the soul of a craft brewhouse intact in the HEBS.  At the end of the day, brewing on it feels just like a conventional system -- just with a lot less frustration and waiting around.  Live your passion without being a slave to it.  Available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 hL configurations, there's a HEBS for breweries of all sizes, from start-ups to regionals.

Intrigued? Contact us, and we'll be happy to provide you with more information and a quote.  While you're waiting, check out the award-winning technical poster we put together on HEBS for the 2017 MBAA Master Brewers Conference -- it's full of helpful information and comparisons.