Up to 30 kegs washed/filled per hour

For most craft beverage manufacturers, the Squire line offers a state-of-the-art solution for keg washing, sanitizing, and filling.  With over twenty years of Squires out in the world, this is our most popular and time-tested machine line.

Up to 40 kegs washed/filled per hour

The Mini King series is our next size up for medium-sized packagers.  Featuring an inverted wash and fill sequence, the Mini King is a faster and more ergonomic way to process kegs.  Some Mini King models are compatible with a steam cycle.

SK3 canada.jpg

Super King Series

Up to 60-80 kegs washed/filled per hour

The Super King series offers fully automatic keg processing lines for large-scale packaging operations.  Ranging from 3 to 5 process heads per lane, the Super Kings offer fast and efficient keg washing and filling.  Super King models are compatible with steam and Oxine for sterilization.

Turners and Conveyors

We offer a wide range of systems for manipulating and handling kegs.  Our custom-built conveyor systems offer smooth transit of kegs to or from your keg line.  Our turner systems enable packagers to elevate or lower full kegs automatically, saving time and backs.