Squire Series Keg Washers and Fillers


The Squire Series Keg Machines are IDD's most popular and well-recognized machines, having been in service for twenty-five years.  Although some of the details have changed over time, the core principle of the Squire remains the same: a highly reliable and effective semi-automatic keg system for beverage manufacturers of all sizes.  Capable of producing a washed, sanitized, and (except in the case of the SQPW) filled keg every two minutes or less, the Squire series has proven itself over the course of decades of operation.  With an estimated seven hundred machines having left our factory, the Squire line are unmistakable classics in the beverage industry. 

Besides our standard Squire Plus 2 washer/filler, we offer other specialty variants of the Squire for packagers with highly specific needs.  When combined with our newer Fill by Weight or Low-Loss coupler options, there's a Squire unit appropriate for anyone.  For details and technical information, visit the machine pages below.  Still have more questions? Contact us

Keg Washing, Sanitizing, and Filling


Up to 30 Kegs per Hour


Keg Washing and Sanitizing

Up to 30 Kegs per Hour