Squire Plus Washer


Featuring the same powerful wash sequence as the SQP2, the Squire Plus Washer (SQPW) is IDD's solution for brewers who don't require a filling side on their keg machine.  

The Squire Plus Washer is a semi-automatic machine, meaning that its wash sequence is started with a button press and performed automatically.  The wash side purges residual product with air, rinses, performs two detergent wash cycles, sanitizes, and pressurizes with CO2.  The key to the Squire's high performance is the low-flow wash cycle, which actively cleans the keg spear tube.  This eliminates one of the most common sources of keg infection.


Double Doser - Adding a second dosing unit to the Squire's detergent reservoir saves time and effort when switching between caustic and acid sequences.  Never swap a dosing tip again.


Spare Parts

PLease note - Iddeas.com doesn't support direct online purchasing of parts... yet.  To order parts, simply request a quote through the contact page (with the part or part number in the message) and we'll get a formal quote out to you as soon as possible.