SeTemp Tank Control System


IDD's SeTemp Temperature Control System brings precise temperature monitoring and control to your cellar or tank farm.  Powered by an Allen-Bradley PLC, the SeTemp monitors tank temperatures and uses PID control loops to deliver the right amount of glycol to each tank jacket.  Instead of the near-constant hysteresis of a solenoid driven system, PID-actuated control valves constantly calculate the right amount of glycol needed to reach or maintain a setpoint, preventing overshoot and undershoot.  Platinum RTDs interface with Allen-Bradley input cards to offer unparalleled measurement accuracy, while our range of control valves offer the right control solution for any operation.  Each SeTemp panel supports up to 12 vessels.  

The SeTemp is operated from a single HMI-driven control panel.  The panel displays tank temperatures, setpoints, and PID parameters.  The SeTemp's integrated adjustable alarm system warns operators if tank temperatures change unexpectedly.  The system also features a simple on/off button for each tank, allowing operators to easily take control offline for CIP or maintenance.  The SeTemp's integrated Ewon unit allows remote access to the unit through smartphones, tablets, and computers with an internet connection.  Monitor tanks, change setpoints, and receive alarm notifications from home! 



Spare Parts

PLease note - doesn't support direct online purchasing of parts... yet.  To order parts, simply request a quote through the contact page (with the part or part number in the message) and we'll get a formal quote out to you as soon as possible.