Yeast Propagation and Storage Kegs


The Yeast Propagation and Storage Keg is a convenient and economical solution for brewers looking to keep yeast on standby.  The modified keg holds up to a half barrel of yeast slurry, and includes a sterile air filter, 25 psi pressure relief valve, CIP sprayball, and spear injection tube.  Built-in casters allow brewers to deploy the yeast keg anywhere on the fermentation deck, and the convenient 1.5" Tri-Clamp connection on the bottom of the keg allows for simple transfers to and from fermenters.

Besides just storing yeast, the keg can also be used to wash, grow, aerate, and propagate pitches as well.  The inlet pipework allows for easy insertion of sterile air and yeast nutrient, as well as very small amounts of inactivated Oxine, which can be used to clean up potential contaminants without harming the yeast.



Spare Parts

PLease note - doesn't support direct online purchasing of parts... yet.  To order parts, simply request a quote through the contact page (with the part or part number in the message) and we'll get a formal quote out to you as soon as possible.