3 Tank Mobile CIP Cart

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The 3 Tank Mobile CIP Cart is a comprehensive CIP solution for packagers of all sizes.  Three reservoirs keep caustic, acid, and sanitizer ready to go at a moment's notice for cleaning duties throughout breweries, dairies, and packaging plants.  

The CIP Cart features in-line dosing to keep its heated 75 gallon tank for caustic and two 37.5 gallon tanks for acid detergent and sanitizer refreshed as needed.  The integrated boost pump can easily clean tanks up to 200 hL.  The CIP return features a sock filter for catching dislodged particles, increasing each batch of caustic's lifespan.  To top it off, everything comes mounted to a wheeled frame, allowing easy access to any location on the production floor.

This simple, heavy-duty machine has proven itself to be the perfect workhorse for cleaning breweries and beverage packaging plants across the country.



Spare Parts

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