Scavenge Pumps

Squire Plus 2 IMG_1347 (44).JPG

When moving large volumes of CIP detergent or sanitizer around your facility, sometimes a gravity-fed return path isn't easy to maintain.  This is why we offer self-priming scavenge pumps for easy management of chemicals and waste.

One of our most popular pieces of ancillary equipment, the self-priming scavenge pump has enough suction to draw detergent up multiple stories back to the CIP reservoir, without flooding the pump or requiring a full line.  Mounted on a heavy-duty wheeled frame with an integrated control panel, the scavenge pump is one of the most useful pieces of equipment to have around the production floor.


Spare Parts

PLease note - doesn't support direct online purchasing of parts... yet.  To order parts, simply request a quote through the contact page (with the part or part number in the message) and we'll get a formal quote out to you as soon as possible.