Mini King Special

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The Mini King Special is a variant of our MKP2 featuring overhead clamps.  The clamps secure kegs in place during the sequence.  Capable of cycling up to 40 kegs per hour, the Mini King combines the Squire's slim profile and powerful wash sequence with an inverted fill for optimized timing and waste.  

The Mini King is a semi-automatic machine, meaning that its wash and fill sequences are started with a button press and performed automatically.  Under racking operation, the wash side purges residual product with air, rinses, performs two detergent wash cycles, and sanitizes.  Sanitizer is left in the neck of keg as the operator transfers it to the fill side, which purges the keg, pressurizes it, and fills.  Lift cylinders automatically connect and seal the wash and fill heads.  This sequence allows the Mini King to perform faster and achieve a more robust sanitation than the Squire.  The Mini King can also be configured for a steam sanitization sequence.

Due to the Mini King's unique design, its possible to feed two Mini Kings into a single descending turner.  This layout provides 80 washed and filled kegs per hour at ground level, for less than the price of a single equivalent keg system.  


Steam Sequence - Steam is used for sanitizing the keg, in place of Oxine.  

Double Doser - Adding a second dosing unit to the Squire's detergent reservoir saves time and effort when switching between caustic and acid sequences.  Never swap a dosing tip again.


Spare Parts

PLease note - doesn't support direct online purchasing of parts... yet.  To order parts, simply request a quote through the contact page (with the part or part number in the message) and we'll get a formal quote out to you as soon as possible.