2 Tank Static CIP System

Squire Plus 2 IMG_1347 (44).JPG

The Two Tank Static CIP is a total CIP/SIP solution for large packagers.  Designed to maintain and dispense large volumes of pre-prepared detergent and sanitizer, the system allows CIP and CIP to happen anywhere in the brewery at a moment's notice.

The CIP system features two 10 HL tanks for detergent, heated by automated steam coils.  Both tanks feature integrated peristaltic pumps for chemical dosing.  Detergent concentration is monitored and controlled by Dema pH meters.  It also features a PVC reservoir and recirculation tank for dosing, dispensing, and recapturing Oxine sanitizer.  The integrated stacked impeller boost pump can deliver detergent or sanitizer throughout the brewery.  The detergent return line features a sock filter for catching dislodged particles, increasing the lifespan of each tank.  To top it off, everything comes skid-mounted on a sturdy stainless steel frame.  



Spare Parts

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