IDD's top-of-the-line, semi-automated, high-efficiency mash filter brewhouses ranging in size from 5 to 40 Hl (4.2 to 34 Bbl.).  

Knock out a batch of beer every two hours and see the difference a little technology can make.


For those looking for a more traditional setup, IDD also manufactures conventional brewhouses from 5 to 80 HL.  


Fermenters, brite tanks, yeast brinks, and more.  We've been making tanks for brewing and beverage applications for over 25 years.  

Want something custom, like a hopback or an agitator? We'll happily consult and see if we can do it for you.


A comprehensive temperature control system for your tanks, featuring RTD probes, a touchscreen HMI, and PID-actuated control valves.  


Stills, columns, and condensers for craft distilling operations.  Featuring modular and custom designs, we can provide a system tuned to your precise specifications.  

From wheeled storage kegs to multi-tank propagation systems, we can provide you with complete solutions for keeping your yeast happy.

Grain Handling

Augers, mills, hoppers, and more.  Whether you're moving and storing grain by the pound or by the ton, we can implement a system to fit your needs.  

VFD-integrated and 3A-certified transfer pumps for moving product and minimizing oxygen and microbial pickup.  Cart-mounted for easy handling and mobility.